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【Event Time Changed】ICC Talk Session "The World Loves Hello Kitty! The Appeal & Global Expansion Strategy" Guest: Ray Hatoyama, Managing Director of Sanrio Co., Ltd.  

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Date & Time: Dec. 12th, 2013 (Thur), 5:00-6:30pm
(doors open at 4:00pm)【Time has been Changed】
Venue: Okuma Small Auditorium
Eligibility: Waseda students & staff (Please bring student or staff ID)
Registration: Not required (300 seats, first come first served)
Fee: Free

"A cheerful and kind girl who's good at making cookies and loves
mama's homemade apple-pie!"

All Japanese people will be familiar with this little girl
and national character since early childhood.

Born in 1974, this cute little girl with her trademark red ribbon
on her left ear has charmed people of all ages. Her popularity has
defied borders and she has become a truly globally recognized brand.

For this event we've invited Mr. Ray Hatoyama, Managing Director of
Sanrio Co., Ltd. to give a lecture on Hello Kitty's success.
After working at the Mitsubishi Corporation, Mr.Hatoyama obtained an
MBA from Harvard Business School and then joined Sanrio, where he
spear-headed a global licensing strategy for Hello Kitty.
He was a key player in the global expansion of the brand and
currently works all over the world.

During the lecture you'll hear about Mr. Hatoyama's impressive work
history and experience as well as Hello Kitty's charm and global
business strategy.

◆Guest Message:
 Next year Hello Kitty is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
 But how has Hello Kitty expanded globally since starting as a
 humble sales character in Japan's "Sanrio Shops". This is a good
 opportunity for those who'd like to find out why celebrities
 all over the world, from children to adults have fallen in love
 with this character, or for those interested in Sanrio or Hello Kitty
 in general. I'd hope that one day all students can succeed globally
 so why not use this talk as a starting point!

Come on down and don't miss this unique opportunity!

Language: Japanese (Questions in English OK)

 Speaker: Ray Hatoyama,
         Managing Director of Sanrio Co., Ltd.
         Sanrio GmbH. (Manager)
         Sanrio, Inc. (Vice-Chairman of the Board)
 1974      Birth Year
 1997 (Apr) Joined Mitsubishi Corporation
 2008 (May) Joined Sanrio Co., Ltd.
 2008 (May) Became COO of Sanrio's American Subsidiary, Sanrio, Inc.
 2008 (Jun) Graduated from Harvard Business School with MBA.
 2008 (Oct) Became Manager of Sanrio's European Subsidiary,
                            Sanrio GmbH. (present post)
                   2010 (Jun) Became Board Member of Sanrio Co., Ltd.
                   2011 (Dec) Became CEO of Mister Men LTD. (present post)
                   2012 (Feb) Became Vice-Chairman of the Board of Sanrio,Inc.(present post)
                   2013 (Apr) Became Managing Director of Sanrio Co., Ltd.(present post)
                   2013 (Jun) Became external board member of DeNA Co., Ltd. (present post)

Inquiries: TEL: 03-5286-3990 E-mail: icc-talk@list.waseda.jp

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