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Chinese Lunch - Meet other Chinese speakers over lunch! -  

Date & Time: Dec. 3rd, 2013 (Tue) 12:15-12:55pm
Meeting Place: ICC Lounge(1st Fl., Bldg. 7)
Eligibility: Waseda students, faculty, and staff
Registration: Not required
Fee: Free!

Try practicing your Chinese or chat with other native speakers
at the ICC's Chinese lunch. Come with friends or by yourself,
it's a great chance to meet people.


Capacity: 30 people (first come, first seated)
*Don't forget to bring your own lunch!

★About the Lunch Events:
While you're welcome to come to the lounge anytime, usually eating
in the lounge is not allowed. However, for the lunch events, if
you are looking for a place to eat, or busy during the afternoon
ICC event hours, this is a great chance to casually meet people
over a meal at the ICC. Just don't forget to bring something to eat!

Inquiries: Tel: 03-5286-3990 E-mail: icc-cafe@list.waseda.jp

ICC’s Outreach: School Visit – Enjoy interacting with children in English! -

Date & Time: Dec. 3rd (Tue), 2013 8:30am-3:30pm
Place: Wasedajitsugyo Elementary School (Kokubunji, Tokyo)
Eligibility: Waseda students (See below for details)
Registration: Required (See below for details)

Get paired with a Japanese partner and visit a Japanese elementary
school to do fun activities with children in English!

For this Outreach, the students will join English classes at Waseda's
affiliated elementary school. The theme is "Manga".
The children have been learning English through English versions of
Japanese manga. Waseda students will communicate with the children
in English about the manga they have been studying.

International students should be ready to talk about any Japanese
manga that is popular in their home country and any Japanese manga
that they themselves like.
Local students will help support English communication between the
international students and the children and help with explanation.

No prior lesson preparation is required for this program, however,
team-teaching pairs (matched by the ICC) should meet in advance and
look over the English versions of the manga. This will ensure that
they can work smoothly during the class.

The Outreach Program is ideal for those interested in cross-cultural
education, volunteering, exchange with a Japanese student, practicing
public speaking, or teaching after graduation. We look forward to your

*What is the ICC Outreach Program?
 The ICC Outreach Program pairs Japanese and international
 students to worktogether to create a lesson plan and materials
 for a class meant to promote cross-cultural understanding.
 The lessons are given at local or regional Japanese elementary,
 junior, and senior high schools to help foster intercultural
 understanding among school students.

<Place>:Wasedajitsugyo Elementary School (Kokubunji, Tokyo)

Date & Time: December 3rd (Tue), 8:30am-3:30pm (lunch included)
           Meeting/finishing time and place (10 minutes walk from
           Kokubunji Station)
           (To arrive at Kokubunji on time, if departing from Shinjuku,
           you should take the 7:48am train on the day of the
           outreach visit.)
Class: 5th grade elementary school students
Content: English Activities
Eligibility: Waseda Students who are able to participate in all the
         meetings and the actual school visit and perform required duties.
         Fluent speakers of English or equivalent are welcome.
Places available: 12 (6 international students and 6 local students)

Registration Process: Register online from Waseda-net Portal
            "Waseda-net Portal" → "System Services" → "Applications"
           →"【ICCアウトリーチ12月・ ICC Outreach December】"
Registration Deadline: Nov. 20 (Wed), 9:00am
Result Announcement: Nov. 20 (Wed)

Schedule:Nov. 22 (Fri) 12:20-12:50pm Orientation@ICC lounge
        Dec. 3 (Tue) 8:30am-3:30pm School visit
       *Attendance is required at the orientation.

※ICC Staff will not be accompanying students on this program.

*Transportation expenses will be provided by the school.

*Participants will be decided after reviewing their reasons for applying,
 and also according to the details/requests from the host schools.

Note: Although this is a volunteer program, participants will be teaching
    a class at a scheduled time and school, and so dropping out of the
    program or being late is not acceptable. Participants are
    expected to be present and on time for all meetings in order
    to ensure the program runs smoothly.

Participant Experiences:
Japan's and My Own Culture with Eyes Toward the Future Visiting an
 elementary school in Tokyo (English article)

Japanese student's perspective on Outreach (Japanese language only)

Inquiries:  TEL: 03-5286-3990 E-mail: outreach@list.waseda.jp

ICC Talk Session "An All Nippon Airways Mechanic and Engineer's Perspective: Working behind the scenes to keep our skies safe" Guest:Mr. Jun Sugita, Head of Structural Engineering Team, Engineering Department, Maintenance Center, All Nippon Airways 

Click here to read more! (Information in Japanese language only)

ICC Korean Festival Documentary Film Screening of "Our School", about Korean's living in Japan & Lecture by the Former Professor of Waseda University Okamura Ryouji (Human Rights & Education Researcher) 

Click here to read more! (Information in Japanese language only)

【Recruiting for International Students】ICC にほんごペラペラクラブ ~Japanese Chat Club~(Dec) 

Date & Time: Dec. 3rd, 2013 (Tue) 4:45-5:45pm
Dec. 10th, 2013 (Tue) 6:10-7:10pm
Place: ICC Lounge or Faculty Lounge (1st Fl., Bldg. 7)
Eligibility: Waseda international students who want to speak in Japanese
Registration: Required (See below for details)
Fee: Free!

The popular Japanese Chat Club which began in 2012 will have just two
sessions in this December.
If you wanted to join before but couldn't fit it into your schedule,
if your friends joined and it sounded fun, then by all means sign up
for the final Japanese Chat Club sessions of this semester and start
getting fluent!

◆What is the Japanese Chat Club?
 A club where participants enjoy simple games and conversation in
 Japanese with Japanese student supporters. After an hour-long session
 has finished, you are free to go out to eat with the other members
 and make new friends!

★Past Japanese Chat Club Member Comments
 "It was only an hour, but I got to speak a lot of Japanese!"
 "Not only did I get to know others during the meeting, but
  afterwards we would all go out to eat, and I could make new friends."

Date and time: December 3rd (Tue) 4:45-5:45pm
             December 10th (Tue) 6:10-7:10pm
             *After the club activities have finished, participants
              are free to get a meal or coffee together.

Place ICC Lounge or Faculty Lounge (Bldg. 7, 1F)
     *In the case of few number of participants, activities will be
     held in one place, and participants will not be separated into
     different groups according to their Japanese proficiency.

Registration: Through Waseda-net portal:
          System Services → Application →
          [【留学生用メンバー登録】ICC にほんごペラペラクラブ(12月)/
          【Registration for International Students 】Japanese Chat Club(Dec)]
        *Although you can join sessions without signing up, by becoming a member you
         can get club updates via email from the ICC, and you will be able to join
         a Facebook group for the club where you can continue the exchange online.

Language: Japanese(All levels welcome!)

Inquiries: TEL: 03-5286-3990 E-mail: icc-perapera@list.waseda.jp

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