【Sign Up Period: 7/27-8/31】ICC's Outreach Fieldtrip: Waseda Setsuryo Junior & High School (Osaka) 

Date & Time: September 18th (Fri) to
19th (Sat), 2015
[1 night, 2 days]
Place: Waseda Setsuryo Junior High School, High School
(Ibaraki City, Osaka)
Eligibility: Waseda students
(See below for details)
Registration: Required
(See below for details)

Interested in teaching about your culture?
Thinking of teaching after graduation?
Want to try a volunteer activity?
Want to make new Japanese friends?
Do you like kids?

If any of these sound like you, then the ICC Outreach program is for you!

And that's not all! For this Outreach we'll be taking a Field Trip
to Waseda Setsuryo Junior & Senior High School in OSAKA!
The program finishes in Osaka and since its summer break
you are free to sightsee in Kyoto or Osaka!

The ICC Outreach Program pairs Japanese and international students
to work together to create a lesson plan for a class meant to promote
cross-cultural understanding. The lessons are given at local Japanese
elementary, junior, and senior high schools. ICC staff will explain
in detail about how to create lesson plans at the orientation,
and you will be preparing for it together with your partner.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Outreach Program Introduction Video

<Place>: Waseda Setsuryo Junior High School, High School (Ibaraki City, Osaka)

Date: September 18th (Fri) to 19th (Sat), 2015 <1 night, 2 days>

Program: Sept. 18 (Fri)  Afternonn: Depart Tokyo. Stay in Dorm.
       Sept. 19 (Sat) Morning:  Visit School.
              Afternoon: Finish in Osaka.

Class: 2nd grade high school & 3rd grade junior high students,
    between 20-30 students per class.

Content: Introduce your country and culture (100min.)
     (Create and practice a lesson plan together with your partner,
     then carry it out at the school)

Eligibility: Waseda Students who can attend the meetings & school visit.

Spaces: 24 students

Cost: The school will provide a one-way shinkansen ticket to Osaka
   from Tokyo Station, 1 night's accommodation at student dorm
   and dinner on 9/18, and breakfast and lunch on 9/19.

   Transportation costs and arrangements back to Tokyo are entirely
   the responsibility of the participant. Round trip transportation
   to Tokyo station from your home and any other miscellaneous
   expenses are also the responsibility of the participant.

   [Return transportation information]
   - Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo:  Approx 14,000 yen, 2.5 hrs
   - Overnight Bus from Osaka to Tokyo: From 3,000 to 9,000 yen, 8-9 hrs

Registration: Register online from Waseda-net Portal
       "Waseda-net Portal" → "System Services" → "Applications"
       →"【ICC Outreach: Waseda Setsuryo High School (Sep. 18 & 19)】"
       Or go directly by clicking here!

Sign up period: Jul. 27th - Aug. 31st 9:00am
         (Results are sent by mail on Aug. 31st, please check your inbox)

Schedule: Orientation 1: Sep. 2 (Wed) 10:00-11:00am
      Orientation 2: Sep. 3 (Thu) 13:00-14:00pm
      Orientation 3: Sep. 4 (Fri) 16:00-17:00pm
      1st Meeting: Sometime between Sep. 7 (Mon) - 11 (Fri)
      2nd Meeting: Sometime between Sep.14 (Mon) - 17 (Thu)

      *Participation is required at one of the orientations and both meetings.
      However, since this program takes place during the summer break,
      please discuss with the ICC staff when you can come in for
      meetings 1 and 2. All meetings are at the ICC Lounge.

* In addition to the above meetings, it is necessary to meet several times
with your partner in order to plan, prepare, and practice the lesson.

* Although this is a volunteer program, you will be a teacher of an actual class,
and so dropping out of the program or being late is not acceptable. Participants
are expected to be present and on time for all meetings to ensure the program
runs smoothly.

Participant Experiences:
Japan's and My Own Culture with Eyes Toward the Future Visiting an
 elementary school in Tokyo (English article)

Japanese student's perspective on Outreach (Japanese language only)

Inquiries: TEL: 03-5286-3990 E-mail: outreach@list.waseda.jp

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